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Company History

Precision since 1946


Our company was founded in 1946 in the bavarian town of Moosburg as "Elektrotechnische Fabrik Walter Perske," and today is a well-known manufacturer of special electric motors, generators and motor elements, with 120 employees.


n 1954 we relocated to Mannheim to ensure that our aspiring company obtained an improved infrastructure, qualified employees and greater proximity to the international markets.


To this day, the company is 100% family-owned. The Managing Director, Ulrich Perske, son of the founder, embodies independency and continuity in a dynamic market, all the while concentrating on our core competencies: precision and quality.


Our company is committed to the vocational training of our apprentices, which provides for an experienced homegrown team of regulars, especially amongst the production specialists and ensures low fluctuation of staff. This is the only way by which consistently high-quality motors can continue leaving our premises in the decades to come.



Business Model

Precision, High-speed and Application-oriented Our Business Model

We are a renowned manufacturer of special electric motors and motor elements in models specially designed according to customized specifications. The high quality level, customized designs and years of experience ensure application-oriented drive solutions in accordance with individual customer requirements, which we can also manufacture in small series.


Our own R&D department and state of the art technical equipment enable numerous design variants and guarantee the highest precision. With our know-how, high speeds and direct tool holding solutions, we have become the leading supplier and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for prominent machine factories the world over.


In-house Production Depth

From Raw Steel up to Implementation at the Customer's Premises

An essential strength of Perske is their outstanding manufacturing know-how. Whether development, design, mechanical calculation, electrical design or motor optimization for customer-specific applications we excel in all stages of planning and manufacturing special motors.


All essential electrical and mechanical motor components are manufactured at our premises. They are based on our own calculations and construction designs and meet the high quality standards our customers expect from our final products.


However, our understanding of reliable manufacturing commences at even an earlier stage. Essential pre-products such as, e.g., laminations, are produced by our suppliers in accordance with our specifications. A long-term strategy that pays off for our customers, too.



Quality Concept

Quality Assurance in each Detail

The finished motor can never be better than its weakest component. For this reason, we have been investing in our in-house quality assurance equipment for years. Each main component is subject to an individual electrical or mechanical test procedure. The finished motor is likewise inspected according to DIN standards and under customer conditions.


The complete production of our motors takes place in Mannheim, and is carried out by qualified experts. When selecting our suppliers, for decades, we have consciously decided in favor of quality products made in Germany and in neighboring European countries.


Perske special motors are at home in many fields of applications, and due to their robust design, have proven themselves for decades, even under rough conditions. And should a defect really occur: It goes without saying that repair and maintenance services using original parts and manufacturer's quality count amongst our standards even after years of continuous operation.



Modular System

Variant Diversity from the Modular System

We manufacture more than 7,000 motor variants from 300 basic components. Thanks to the high flexibility of our modular system, we can manufacture motor families in various sizes, heights and motor performance at any given point in time. Neither do high-speeds drives present any problem for us.


Apart from the great variant diversity, the modular design principle offers a series of properties that no standard motor can provide, and ones that are unique in this combination. They are the highest motor speed, power density and precision.


And should a problem actually arise: even for older models, spare parts are almost always available.

High-speed machining motors


Basic design


Single or double bearing

cylindrical shaft design with key




Rated output based on thermal Class F

Weights are approximate value for single- bearing units

Output figures in the columns are assigned to various electrical models of the corresponding frequency

(D) Motor can be equipped with a single- or double bearing on the drive (tool) side

D = double-bearing only

* Special KNO model see milling motors, p. 29

KR model, narrow design, see milling motors, p. 25-28

S6 - 60% rating for conventional use in sawing operations



High-precision motors for hydro-clamp chuck systems


Perske high-precision motors are developed especially for hydraulic chucks. By using a reinforced bearing with high-precision ball bearings and a stiffer spindle, outstanding axial and radial run-out can be achieved in micron-level quality.


n combination with our precision balancing, we offer smooth-running, maximum-precision drives that are especially well-suited for use with PKD tools and can substantially increase their service lives. The result is improved cost-effectiveness and availability.


Perske high-precision motors are characterized by


Stiff motor spindles and precision bearings with double spindle bearings

Ground and hardened shafts

Radial and axial run-out precision 8 microns

Uniform interface for milling and cutting tools

Significantly longer tool service life

No-play tool clamping




Special drives & high-speed direct drives


Synchronous Motors (permanent magnet excited)


Download catalog

Download catalog


Small, lightweight construction thanks to a very high power density

Weight reduction by over 40%

Performance increase by over 100%

Energy-saving due to high efficiency

Efficiency increase by up to 20%

High overload capacity up to > 3 x rated torque

Constant speed up to approx. three times the rated output

Robust, lifetime-lubricated, maintenance-free bearing

Easy to install since there is no speed feedback



Flat motors and Circular saw motors


Perske circular saw motors have proven themselves in many years of use and under the most adverse operating conditions as being extremely reliable.


Due to their high overload capacity and high stalling torque (approx. 2-3 times the rated torque which is significantly higher than on standard motors), our motors can also overcome the increased high demands encountered in very non-homogenous material.


A direct drive, without a separate saw blade shaft, may be the right design for an economical, cost-effective solution (also speed-adjustable).


Available for right- or left-hand operation, with or without brakes, and variable terminal box position.


Special shafts with large diameters, reinforced bearings, or extreme lengths are also possible.

Special configurations with increased water protection may be available upon request