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With over 90 years of expertise as a partner of the machine tool industry KESSLER assists its customers with a comprehensive range of high-tech spindles and spindle systems for many different processes, industries and applications including motors and assemblies such as rotary / tilt-rotary tables and spindle swivel heads for 5-axis machining that is both efficient and precise.

Franz Kessler GmbH was founded in Chemnitz in 1923 as a special motor factory to equip machine tools and textile machines. After the Second World War, the company was relocated to Bad Buchau. By continuous development of the product range, KESSLER acquired an excellent reputation as a motor manufacturer. Based on many years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of motors for main drives for machine tools, KESSLER gained the leading position in the fi eld of motor spindles.

KESSLER intends to set benchmarks. Our core competencies are motors, bearings, tool clamping and release technology, media supply and sensors. The product portfolio is supplemented with swivelling spindle heads and workpiece axes as well as special solutions according to customers' requirements. Customers can choose from a wide range of standard products. On request, special designs are also developed and implemented together with the customer. The portfolio is rounded off with an effi cient and worldwide established service and repair department with an integrated replacement parts service.

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KESSLER'S history began with the development of electric motors and we can look back on many successful motor projects to date. KESSLER reacted to the increasing importance of torque motors and motor kits at an early stage and drove their development further.

In a specified installation space, individual designs help KESSLER motors to produce more output than other models while being very energy efficient. We are also very flexible with regard to motor production. We implement motors according to your specific requirements. If requested, we will just supply stators or rotors but we can even supply complete assemblies. The design, development and production of motors is amongst KESSLER'S core competencies.



Synchronous motor for electrical vehicle

Motor specifications: Torque (S1): 800 Nm

Speed (S1): 800 1/min

Torque max.: 2,500 Nm

Synchronous motor for electrical sport motor bike

Motor specifications: Torque (S1): 100 Nm

Speed (S1): 5,100 1/min

Torque max.: 200 Nm

Synchronous motor for sport motor boat

Motor specifications: Torque (S1): 100 Nm

Speed (S1): 5,100 1/min

Torque max.: 200 Nm

Linear motor for elevator

Motor specifications: Nominal force (Fn): 30,000 N

Speed: 15 m/s