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Ist Ihr gesuchter Motor bei anderen Unternehmen nicht erhältlich? Hier sind Sie richtig! Nur die Physik setzt uns Grenzen!

Nach diesem Gedanken entwickeln und produzieren wir seit mehr als 50 Jahren mit 160 spezialisierten und erfahrenen Mitarbeitern innovative und hochintegrative Antriebslösungen. Als Systemhaus erhalten Sie bei uns alles aus einer Hand. Beginnend mit Ihrer individuellen Produktidee begleiten wir Sie von der ersten, persönlichen Beratung, über die technische Umsetzung und Serienlieferung bis hin zum After-Sales-Service.

Dabei profitieren Sie von unserem branchenübergreifenden Know-how und den verfahrensspezifischen Kenntnissen. Hier bekommen Sie einen ersten Eindruck über unsere Applikationen.

Our products

DC motors

We offer three basic series of DC motors. The GV series sets itself apart with a solid metal construction that does not require housing, and can be used in a number of production machines.

In contrast, the GM and GO series boast a stator housing and are surface cooled. They can be used in wind turbines, power plants, and e-mobility solutions, among others.

· GV, GM, GO series

· Capacity range 0.2 - 380 kW

· plated or solid

· various ventilation options

· protection class IP 21-IP 65

· thermal class F or H

· armature voltage range 150-600 V

· Combination options with tachometers, impulse generators, brake or gear units

Torque motors

The SECT series torque motors replace the primary drive units of classic asynchronous motor-gear unit combinations. This means a permanently excited synchronous motor with water or air cooling systems.

Some example uses include plastic and recycling machines, presses, as well as material processing devices.

· SEC series

· Capacity range 19.5 - 610 kW

· Synchronous or asynchronous three-phase motors and generators

· fluid or air cooling systems

· torque values up to 65,000 Nm

· rotational speed of 50 - 1,250 min-1

· optional for open or half-open cooling systems

· client- / application-specific adaptation for production machines, wind and water turbines

· also available as a generator for wind and water turbines

Asynchronous motors

Series DA asynchronous machines are offered in surface or water cooled versions and are used as primary or auxiliary drive units in production machines.

· DK, DA series

· Capacity range 0.67 - 600 kW

· compact construction means high output density

· axial or radial ventilation

· water cooled version

· protection class IP 23-IP 65

· Adjustable torque values up to 12,000 min-1

· combinations with impulse generators, absolute value transmitters, sin-cos transmitters, braking and gear units

Synchronous / Servo motors

We use high quality rare earth materials for the permanently excited synchronous motors in the SEC series. This enables us to provide you with a compact design for the highest power densities.

· SEC series

· Capacity range 1.35 - 377 kW

· highest power densities

· high overload capacity

· axial or radial ventilation

· water cooled version

· protection class IP 23-IP 55

· combinations with impulse generators, sin-cos transmitters, absolute value transmitters, braking and gear units

Battery powered motors

In this range of products, we offer solutions for AC (DK and ASM series) and DC (GN and GM series) systems. These are used in railway and vehicle technologies for driving, steering, and lifting purposes.

· choice of AC or DC technology

· GN / GM and DK / ASK series

· Capacity range 0.2 - 32 kW

· protection class IP 00-IP 65

· variable ventilation systems

· combinations with impulse generators, absolute value transmitters, sin-cos transmitters, braking and gear units

· explosion-proof versions

Explosion-proof motors

All of our motors are available in the explosion-proof versions. As a recognised manufacturer, we offer comprehensive expertise in construction motors and subsequent legal approval. Regardless of motor technology, the different versions can be combined to create an explosion-proof version.

· choice of DC or AC drive units

· GV, GN, GM, DK, ASK, SEC series

· Equipment class I and II, category 1-3

· Gas and dust explosion protection

· Temperature classes T3-T6

· Ignition protection types d, de, e, pe, n, nA


Our DAGW generators are long-lasting and low-cost. For you, this means: low and predictable operational costs. For versions with lower torque, e.g. for wind and water turbines, we also offer torque generators.

· Asynchronous or permanently excited synchronous generators

· Capacity range 2.5 - 90 kW

· water or air cooled

· highest level of efficiency

· compact construction

· single and double bearing version or installation kit

· Network or isolated operation

· optimised electrical design

· SAE flange or client-specific installation

Stepper motors

The step motors in the KS series are available in many different variants. In addition to the mechanical variants (hollow shafts, flange version), there are electrical variants available (200 or 500 full steps / revolutions).

· KS 057, KS 060, KS 085, KS 110 series

· 2- or 3-phase technology

· step angle 0.036° - 1.8°

· winding 200-100,000 steps/ revolutions

· 0.1-20 Nm

· Protection type up to IP 65

· combination with impulse generators, braking and gear units

Applications - EW Hof makes motors for the future


Extruders Torque motors

Shredders Torque motors

Pulpers Torque motors

Printing machines Ex motors

Balancing machines DC motors

Test facilities Asynchronous motors

Glass machines Step motors



Pitch motors DC, asynchronous motors

Generators for wind turbines Torque motors

Generators for combined heat and power plants Generators

Under water generators Generators

Balancing machines DC motors

Emergency lubrication pump DC motors

Glass machines Step motors

Hoists Synchronous motors


Logistics, drive units, pumps,

steering motors, axle drives for

forklifts, tractors, platform trailers

Driverless transportation systems,

storage and retrieval machines battery-powered motors

Railway applications DC motors

Ship propulsion systems DC, torque motors